Love is all you need

This quilting inspired Blogger template is full of sweet and heart  just in time for Valentines Day (and any other day you want a little pink on your blog).  It incorporates fabric textures and stitching along with pretty and colorful patterns to celebrate V-day. Dress up your blog in this sweet and inviting expression of the most important thing in the world: love.

The 2011 updated version uses Cufón for cross-browser compatible custom fonts for your Blogger site.

Download Love is all you need

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Striking Resemblance

screenshot 750x432 Striking Resemblance

This Blogger template, Striking Resemblance, uses real cloth textures and objects to create a lovely backdrop to your blog. It’s a little bit antique, a little bit modern and completely full of charm. Striking Resemblance uses a rich palette of turqoise and fuschias to lend invitation to the luxurious knit and woven textures and uses antique jewelry, ribbon and buttons to accent the design. Designed at the height of summer, I was drawn to the textures of comfort and decorations reminiscent of my childhood. The buttons, especially were a personal touch for me, as a favorite summer pastime was emptying my mom’s bag of buttons and combing through them for forgotten treasures.

This premium Blogger template has a unique font embedded in the title to add style and flair without needing to use a graphic (note: custom font does not appear in Mozilla Firefox).

Buy Striking Resemblance — $5

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