2. Time

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This entry is part 2 of 9 in the series Flash Fiction February

“Hello. Hell-o. Helllooooooo.” She was never good at small talk. Simply saying simple words of greeting felt like a waste of time. It’s implied that she was addressing them, right? People get that, right? “Hello. Hi. How are you.” The words feel unnatural on her tongue. Practice makes perfect. Or something. That’s what they say.… Continue reading 2. Time

Dear Santa: Here’s my wishlist for 2010

Dear Santa — WTF, dude?  I mean, I know we haven’t talked in like 25 years or something, but really?  Cancelling the best show on TV (Dollhouse, duh), and what do we get instead in 2010?  Freaking Caprica?  Are you on drugs?  And don’t even get me started on Stargate: Universe…or, rather Stargate: Who’s Driving this Bus?… Continue reading Dear Santa: Here’s my wishlist for 2010

the not-so-hidden value of netflix

i’m pretty much completely in love with netflix. it started with some casual experimentation through a friend during college.  he had a netflix subscription and we’d often get triple features of obscure asian action flicks (digging deep in the early career of jet li with the once upon a time in china series — which i highly recommend,… Continue reading the not-so-hidden value of netflix