jazzsequence.com redesign

i’ve been thinking of redesigning jazzsequence.com.  i love this design, i do, and it was a huge project to design, since much of it was written by hand, but i’ve been thinking of ways to monetize the site, if possible, and this layout isn’t very conducive to that.  it’s a good blog layout, and if… Continue reading jazzsequence.com redesign

New ThinkTank Studio beta site launched!

class=”aligncenter” Hi.  You’re looking at the brand-spanking-new ThinkTank Studio website.  We’re still working on adding in a Theme Switcher to allow you to change the look of the site, but we decided it was time to launch the site anyway.  This is one of our favorite themes that we’ve built for the site anyway, designed… Continue reading New ThinkTank Studio beta site launched!

quick note about jazzsequence network…

looks like the single sign-on thing isn’t working right….when you create your wp account it doesn’t pass the authentication to the members/community site.  sorry about this folks, i’m getting it worked on. UPDATE well i got the join link up top working…sorta.  it’s just not using the single sign-on.  but it’s a temporary fix… UPDATE… Continue reading quick note about jazzsequence network…

thinktank makeover, jazzsequence network

verily it was decided that it was time for a makeover of the thinktank site.  this came down from on high because we went to some other web designers’ sites and realized most, if not all, our contemporaries tended to be a lot more conservative in their presentation on their own website.  now, this seems… Continue reading thinktank makeover, jazzsequence network

thinktank affiliate buttons, vista experience, computer woes resolved, and other stuff

so we got a new client for thinktank.  it’s a wordpress blog, and it’s mostly maintenance and updates, but it’s still pretty cool.  our client wants to build/integrate a social networking component, so i did some researching and found KickApps Social Networking Software.  the more i read into it and compared the alternatives, the cooler… Continue reading thinktank affiliate buttons, vista experience, computer woes resolved, and other stuff

site update

it’s been a long time coming, i finally updated the blog design. i’ve done a couple custom wordpress themes for thinktank clients now, and it was about time i did one for myself. it’s not really anything new, although the banner is totally new. but the css was recoded by hand. the overall design is… Continue reading site update