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  • Whats important in a Presentation – Peaks and Endings

    (Another) Great post by Chris Lema on building a great presentation. Whats important in a Presentation – Peaks and Endings.

  • My first course on Pluralsight

    It’s happened. And it was much more work than I had originally anticipated. Much listening to (and cringing at) myself talk and trying to edit out all the “uh”s and “um”s (or as many as I could manage). Content wasn’t an issue, it was a matter of organizing the content into a structure and providing…

  • WordCamp SLC 2011 afterthoughts

    Saturday was WordCamp SLC 2011.  My second WordCamp.  My first time speaking in any sort of formal context.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to review the experience. Friday night was a special dinner for speakers/sponsors, so I got to schmooze with some of the presenters which included other folks like me — freelancers…