Slowing down

I came across this the other day and it’s been forcing me to think — and rethink — how I view the internet and all those things that bleep and boop and pop up that are sent through some web service.  You can watch the whole thing, I’ll wait. (You can also read the transcript… Continue reading Slowing down

Why are Google Apps users treated like second-class netizens?

Original photo by Neil D'Cruze

Hey Google.  Remember me? I was there when you launched Gmail.  I got one of those first beta invites a couple of weeks after you launched the platform.  I immediately dropped my Hotmail account and switched everything over from a crazy [email protected] (at the time it was fibonacci_jazz), to a more professional sounding address using… Continue reading Why are Google Apps users treated like second-class netizens?

Never saw that coming…oh wait…

It turns out, the Internet is now, officially, out of real estate.  Begin the INTERNETACOLYPSE!  The public bar fight between Google and Microsoft were only harbingers of the End Times. No Easy Fixes as Internet Runs Out of Addresses | Epicenter |

vision of the future

I just finished reading Nicholas Carr‘s The Big Switch in anticipation of getting a copy of his new book The Shallows.  This troubling excerpt towards the end of the book hints at where he takes The Shallows and gives a less-than-utopian view of our dependency on all things web-related: The printed page, the dominant  information medium of the… Continue reading vision of the future