My first course on Pluralsight

It’s happened. And it was much more work than I had originally anticipated. Much listening to (and cringing at) myself talk and trying to edit out all the “uh”s and “um”s (or as many as I could manage). Content wasn’t an issue, it was a matter of organizing the content into a structure and providing… Continue reading My first course on Pluralsight

Typography and language as a WordPress theme developer

Today I have submitted Museum Core version 1.0.9. Unless there are any major issues with the update, it should get approved and be available in the WordPress themes repository in the next couple days. Among other features both under the hood and out in the open, this is the first version of any theme I… Continue reading Typography and language as a WordPress theme developer

New look for (again…)

So, the redesign is still on (or at least planned), but I figured, since I just got a theme hosted in the themes repository, I might as well make it, you know, my theme so that at least one person is using it live, right? So here it is: Museum Core. I’ve also… Continue reading New look for (again…)

WordCamp SLC 2011 afterthoughts

Saturday was WordCamp SLC 2011.  My second WordCamp.  My first time speaking in any sort of formal context.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to review the experience. Friday night was a special dinner for speakers/sponsors, so I got to schmooze with some of the presenters which included other folks like me — freelancers… Continue reading WordCamp SLC 2011 afterthoughts

Display WordPress Custom Post Types by Meta Value

This is going to be a developer-centric post. Anyone who isn’t familiar with WordPress development, custom post types and taxonomies and/or WP_Query can probably skip this one. I recently developed a site that uses a plugin that I developed to allow them to list all the products that they manufacture and distribute. The plugin uses… (read more)

Theme Frameworks

What’s the next big thing in themes right now? Theme frameworks. Everyone is doing it. WooThemes has their own core framework, StudioPress has Genesis, now MojoThemes has partnered with Themify to use that as their own in-house framework. Plus there’s themes that can be used as frameworks all over the place, from Builder to Justin… (read more)

How I fixed the “cannot redeclare _checkactive_widgets()” error in WordPress child themes

So, I had a problem.  For a while I’ve noticed a whole bunch of code being tacked on to my functions.php file.  I’ve had no idea where it came from since I certainly didn’t write it, so I generally just removed it when I saw it.  Then I noticed this weird php error when I… (read more)

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