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  • teh s3quence 012 – the rapture edition (…or not)

    teh s3quence 012 – the rapture edition (…or not)

    Sometime before the world was supposed to end in earthquakes and fire I decided to make a playlist to commemorate the event.  No, actually I was just inspired by the #myraptureplaylist meme that @neilhimself started on Twitter and HuffPo’s Rapture playlist (most of which doesn’t appear on mine).  The majority of this mixtape was compiled…

  • teh (metal) s3quence, version 5

    teh (metal) s3quence, version 5

    i was listening to a mix cd i made of stuff i listened to in high school and junior high and the beginnings of it is all this old 90’s era metal that i was just discovering through friends and mtv, and it made me nostalgic.  nostalgic and singing along to “hangar 18” at top…