stirring up trouble on twitter

are all the new Upstart Blogger authors just Ashley Morgan in disguise?  if so, the latest post seems like a cry for help.  i thought i’d stir up some trouble and call the author’s true identity into question.

i’m not convinced.  are you? here’s the link to the post:

lightning never strikes twice. unless you’re a spammer.

they say that lightning never strikes the same place twice.  that’s a good thing, because if you happened to be an idiot out in a lightning storm holding a weather vane in an open field unlucky enough to get hit once (and walk away),  you probably wouldn’t want to be the guy out in a lightning storm holding a weather vane in an open field with some seriously frizzed hair when lightning struck there again.

if you go to today, you’ll see a disclaimer announcing that ashley morgan wants to relinquish control of genesis rocket, and pawn if off on some other poor sap so they can spam it to the masses and try to turn a profit, or else assimilate it into a new and equally unsavory “twitter method“.  this act couldn’t be a selfish act at all; no, i’m sure it’s done with the best of intentions.

but as effectively as holding a lightning rod in a thunderstorm, ashley morgan — author of “the only legitimate passive income twitter method” — has had his own twitter accounts suspended.  again.

@uptheoctave (his upcoming “book“)
@followenormous (his band — which is actually unfortunate because there are at least 3 other members of the band who may not condone scamming or spamming)

that couldn’t possibly have colored decision to pass on the ownership of his “successful twitter method” to someone else.  it’s a little like playing chicken with thor, there’s only one way that’s going to end: burnt to a crisp.

seriously.  let this be a lesson to anyone even remotely thinking about either taking over genesis rocket, purchasing it now or in the future, or publishing it in another form or something similar in the future: spammers get banned.

honesty wins more friends than enemies

since posting my rant the other day about twitter, and the products/methods/ebooks that pump up your follower count at any cost, one thing’s become clear to me: honesty wins more friends than enemies.  this should be fairly obvious, but apparently, to some, it’s not.  just take a look at the comments on this post and the variety of posts by “different authors” that were all actually written by the same person.  as allison mentioned, there’s only so much deception one person can take before the masquerade is exposed, and those that were tricked into believing it made very angry.

on the other hand, by being honest about my experience, the first comment i received was from someone i’ve followed for a long time, who’s sort of a social media guru.  i got a snarky link back in the header of twitter rocket dot com (as well as a compliment on my design, thanks @nearjones ;), and a blog post written about my rant, by the person who’s been following this particular con job for a long time.  my post also appears to be floating around stumbleupon and friendfeed.  in short, i’ve gotten more legitimate attention by not using spammy tools or methods than i ever did by using them.

score one point for transparency.