Tag: twitter rocket scam

  • stirring up trouble on twitter

    are all the new Upstart Blogger authors just Ashley Morgan in disguise?  if so, the latest post seems like a cry for help.  i thought i’d stir up some trouble and call the author’s true identity into question. i’m not convinced.  are you? here’s the link to the post: http://bit.ly/7brCik

  • lightning never strikes twice. unless you’re a spammer.

    they say that lightning never strikes the same place twice.  that’s a good thing, because if you happened to be an idiot out in a lightning storm holding a weather vane in an open field unlucky enough to get hit once (and walk away),  you probably wouldn’t want to be the guy out in a lightning…

  • honesty wins more friends than enemies

    since posting my rant the other day about twitter, and the products/methods/ebooks that pump up your follower count at any cost, one thing’s become clear to me: honesty wins more friends than enemies.  this should be fairly obvious, but apparently, to some, it’s not.  just take a look at the comments on this post and…