lightning never strikes twice. unless you’re a spammer.

they say that lightning never strikes the same place twice.  that’s a good thing, because if you happened to be an idiot out in a lightning storm holding a weather vane in an open field unlucky enough to get hit once (and walk away),  you probably wouldn’t want to be the guy out in a lightning storm holding a weather vane in an open field with some seriously frizzed hair when lightning struck there again.

if you go to today, you’ll see a disclaimer announcing that ashley morgan wants to relinquish control of genesis rocket, and pawn if off on some other poor sap so they can spam it to the masses and try to turn a profit, or else assimilate it into a new and equally unsavory “twitter method“.  this act couldn’t be a selfish act at all; no, i’m sure it’s done with the best of intentions.

but as effectively as holding a lightning rod in a thunderstorm, ashley morgan — author of “the only legitimate passive income twitter method” — has had his own twitter accounts suspended.  again.

@uptheoctave (his upcoming “book“)
@followenormous (his band — which is actually unfortunate because there are at least 3 other members of the band who may not condone scamming or spamming)

that couldn’t possibly have colored decision to pass on the ownership of his “successful twitter method” to someone else.  it’s a little like playing chicken with thor, there’s only one way that’s going to end: burnt to a crisp.

seriously.  let this be a lesson to anyone even remotely thinking about either taking over genesis rocket, purchasing it now or in the future, or publishing it in another form or something similar in the future: spammers get banned.


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  1. Allison Reynolds Avatar

    And Ashley has now rolled up the whole spammy program. Hurrah and good riddance to bad rubbish.

    There's still one thing to clear up as i note in the comments on my blog to another Genesis Rocket upset affiliate and that was a promise Ashley made to have Tracy Coenen to remove her posts that quote his fake accounts as evidence of fraud. Seems the fraud "investigator" has been part of the fraud herself after ignoring emails warning her that she was being compromised in being so cosy with a con-man.

    "I had hoped it was because she was duped, but with the amount of evidence against Ashley Morgan and his own confession seems to point to something else. What that is I am not sure. Certainly any real fraud investigator worth their salt would do their own due diligence when they are warned they are fraternising with a dishonest person."

    Again it goes to show that on the internet you can cultivate a persona that is nothing like your true colours or abilities. People mistake me for a simple housewife (even after I am open with the fact I have worked in IT for 25 years). *sigh*Ashley Morgan claimed to be a man of integrity, and Tracy Coenen has claimed to be a successful fraud investigator *raises eyebrows*.

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