Updates are coming

We haven’t posted anything recently partially because I had a couple computer meltdowns (first my processor fan died, next my hard drive died). Now that my computer is back up and running, we’ll be uploading pics from the summer. It’s almost the new school year, after all, with Gavin heading into first grade (!!!) and Lilah starting preschool!

Catching up

It’s 2011 and we’ve been remiss in updating this blog (and the flickr stream) with new pics.  So, here’s the last 3 months in brief…


The end of September we had several significant events and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa in California.

But first…

The Open Classroom had an all-school field trip to Antelope Island.  It was big.  There was sand.  There were a lot of people.  We scared some tourists.

And tried (unsuccessfully) to fly a kite…

Not long after was Lilah’s 3rd birthday. Grandma and Grandpa came out from California to celebrate.


Then came Halloween.  We were a pirate family.

Nothing at all exciting happened between Halloween and Christmas.  Nope.


…and now we’re all caught up


I know I haven’t posted much here.  Part of that has to do with spending every available moment working on Museum Themes.  But, in addition to that, I’ve been guest blogging on 10timesOne and WordCamp Utah 2010 as well as trying to keep an active blog going over at Arcane Palette with posts about art in addition to our regular schedule of freebies (though that’s been slow, too…).  So, yeah, I know the “I’m too busy” thing is what everyone says but at least I can say that I’ve got stuff up elsewhere.  I’ll work on feeding it here just as soon as I get five minutes to do so.