it’s been an interesting year.  this birthday preceeds my 1 year anniversary at whole foods which also marks 1 full year of doing web design as a real gig.  there’s some big projects on the horizon, one of which may include a ridiculously overblown and official title down the road.  the kids are a year older and growing up fast.  there’s a black president.  getting somewhat more nostalgic in my old age.  turning into a chocolate snob.  good times.

i threw this together using erin’s wacom tablet the other night.  which just proves that a wacom can make anyone pretend their an artiste.

eat your heart out david lynch

first vlog.  i’m pretty happy with it.  it doesn’t say “hey, i’m a boring video blog” instead it says “hi i’m a video blog AND I’M GOING TO MELT YOUR BRAIN” which, i think, is a lot more interesting.  i’m a bit annoyed by the clicky noises it makes when i move the laptop around or adjust it, and the sound isn’t fantastic, but what else is new.