When I’m too smart for tech support…

This isn’t the first time I’ve contacted web hosting tech support only to find out they couldn’t help me and managed to fix the problem myself. This time the support on the other end was HostGator. To their credit, the rep I talked to seemed to genuinely want to help. However, after 40 minutes it was… Continue reading When I’m too smart for tech support…

SublimeText — I think I’m in love

SublimeText 2 with Soda package, Monokai Soda color scheme, and Meslo font

I’m not one to gush about text editors. Pretty much they do their job and that’s about it. I respect the amount of work that goes into something like, say, OpenOffice.org Writer, but I wouldn’t say I’m in love with any particular aspect of it (except, perhaps, that it’s free — as in beer —… Continue reading SublimeText — I think I’m in love

New gig

As of today, I have a new gig. The longer story is that things have been slow in the web design front.  My going theory is that the industry — especially given the economy; that great excuse we’ve been using for everything from health care to what store we shop at — is moving toward… Continue reading New gig

adobe fights fire with…teddy bears

Adobe launched a new ad campaign today along with a response to Steve Jobs’ declaration that Flash will never be supported on iPhones, iPads, and iPods last week.  (In fact, they’ve added a whole new Freedom of Choice section on Adobe.com.)  There are a few amusing (and somewhat contradictory) statements in Adobe’s open letter (like this one: “If… Continue reading adobe fights fire with…teddy bears