WordPress tip: How to upgrade all your plugins in one go

If you haven’t upgraded your WordPress blog to 2.9 (actually 2.9.1 as of the time of this writing), you should.  With the 2.9 update, the people at WP have implemented a feature that I’ve been pining for for some time.  The only problem is it’s not where you’d think it might be. If you do… Continue reading WordPress tip: How to upgrade all your plugins in one go

add social links to your site

i spent this morning building and adding some social linking to our site. with all the digging and twittering and facebooking going on, if you have content worth sharing and you aren’t providing ways for people to share it, it’s fairly likely that people won’t. now, i have digg, facebook, and delicious bookmarklets in my google chrome bookmark bar, but i realize that i’m a geek and probably most people don’t do this. and anyway, it’s always nicer when those things are built directly into the page.

so i thought that i would share with you how to add social linking to your website or blog. please note that some of the code here will be wordpress-specific — which is great for wordpress users, but won’t be so helpful for those of you who don’t use wordpress. i will point out the areas where the code is wordpress only — there are plenty of resources out there for alternatives for your platform of choice.