[RPM2011] Reflections on my 3rd completed RPM album

You can listen to my completed album at: http://alonetone.com/jazzsequence/pla… or the Blind Chaos track at: http://alonetone.com/blindchaos/track… Go to http://jazzsequence.bandcamp.com (after 3/1/2011) to download the album in high quality format(s) with full liner notes & artwork

Create a pop hit in 8 hours

This is something I would never do: try to create a hit pop song in 8 hours.  It’s not that I couldn’t, it’s that I wouldn’t.  These guys, on the other hand, did.  I think it’s awesome. You can download their song, “Lights, Camera, Action” here.  (right-click, save as…)