• I was on the WP Tavern podcast

    If you want to hear me talk about how great I think Composer is (and sound relatively intelligent doing so), check out the WP Tavern podcast episode I recorded a while ago which just went live. Thanks Nathan for having me on!

  • teh s3quence – Halloween 2015

    teh s3quence – Halloween 2015

    Teh s3quence – Halloween 2015 by Jazzsequence on Mixcloud It’s been a while since I put one of these together so I thought it was time. This year’s Halloween mix collects a bunch of stuff that I could hear being included in a horror movie. Think of it as the soundtrack to the horror movie in my…

  • Songhoy Blues

    Songhoy Blues

    This came in the Noisetrade email today. Garage Blues from Mali that’s pretty freaking incredible. Check it.  

  • Halloween 2013 mixtape

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this this year, but both my Twitter buds — Colin and Geoff — did Halloween singles this year, so I figured I had to make a mixtape that featured them. This also has some spooky side-projects of Colin’s as well as some other stuff I don’t…

  • ▶ Slighter – Outbreak (Halloween 2013) [DOWNLOAD!] by SLIGHTER

    Slighter brings us a fiendishly excellent track for Halloween, a zombie-infused breakbeat track called “Outbreak” (get it? there’s a pun in there…). The track opens with a moody sound collage and dark ambient intro that reminds me of old school Skinny Puppy. Check it out and download it now!

  • John Cage – Williams Mix

    People like to think that Skinny Puppy were pioneers in creating what was eventually known as Industrial Music. But pieces like this by John Cage (which pre-dates Puppy and Einsturzende Neubauten by about 30 years) is where Industrial’s real origins lie. I still want a recording of “Imaginary Landscape No. 4”, but barring that, here’s…

  • Valentine’s Day Mixtape

    Today I went to Everyone’s Mixtape and made a Valentine’s Day mixtape for my wonderful, amazing, inspiring wife and partner of 11 years.

  • Spooky doom! @slighter’s got a new track for Halloween

    Check it out.  It’s full of awesome. Last Pulse (Halloween 2012) by Slighter

  • teh s3quence 016 – spring mix

    teh s3quence 016 – spring mix

    After a seemingly long winter (it was, wasn’t it?), Spring is here again.  This is a collection of tracks that hint of the Summer to come and reflect the newness of the season. Teh s3quence 016 – spring 2012 by Jazzsequence on Mixcloud Tracklist: Eskmo – Cloudlight Gramatik – DreamBIG MJ Cole – I See…

  • Free Download: Beyonce – “End of Time” 2-step remix by jazzsequence

    Ever wonder what a Beyoncé song would sound like as an electro-dance/breakbeat track?  Find out and download jazzsequence’s remix for the “End of Time” remix competition.