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A newcomer’s guide to the Doctor (Who, that is)


This is an experience I imagine almost everyone having: You’re alone. It’s late at night (but not too late yet) in the mid-90s and you’re flipping through the channels. You stop on some cheap-looking sci fi thing with British accents. You watch. Without seeing the title credits, you already have a pretty good idea what it… (read more)

Code: Getting rid of the duplicate submenu with add_menu_page and add_submenu_page

So  I ran across an issue today when creating a custom admin menu and submenu items. I wanted to have a submenu item in the menu that linked to the main admin menu page, but did not have the same anchor as the parent. I kept running into this:   You can see that, since I’m currently… (read more)

Bitcoin mining: a huge waste of time?


I admit. I got sucked in. I read the glowing article in last month’s Wired about bitcoin. Thus far, I’ve been pretty oblivious. Future of currency, blah blah blah, whatever. The way it’s been built on open source software is interesting, though, the value is, of course, appealing, and that there are more PayPal-like services to… (read more)