teh s3quence 016 – spring mix

After a seemingly long winter (it was, wasn’t it?), Spring is here again.  This is a collection of tracks that hint of the Summer to come and reflect the newness of the season.


Eskmo – Cloudlight
Gramatik – DreamBIG
MJ Cole – I See
Boards of Canada – 1969
cEven kEy – Shortwave Connector
Pretty Lights – Keep ‘Em Bouncin’
Daft Punk – End of Line (Photek Remix)
Goldfrapp – Alive (Dave Aude Remix)
BT – Loving You More (BT’s Final Spiritual Journey)
Logical Disorder – Come to me I wanna show you something
Beck – Where It’s At (UNKLE Remix)
Luscious Jackson – Space Diva
Jill Cunniff – Lazy Girls
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl
The Crystal Method – Murder
Moby – If Things Were Perfect
Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians (Coldcut Remix)

Spring Fever

springfever screenshot 750x360 Spring Fever

This sunny colored template is for those like me who are longing for spring. With warmth and sunlit afternoons just around the corner now, my thoughts are filled with budding trees, birdsongs, the scent of fresh grass clippings and splashes of vivid flowers painting the winter scene with renewal. This design is all Spring… a little bit Easter egg hunt, a little bit nature walk, a little bit sunshine. We hope it will bring you & your blog a few welcome blossoms and sunshine for an Easter weekend, a special birthday or just a beautiful breezy spring day.  This updated, premium Blogger template comes with the header font embedded using Cufón, allowing you to creatively display your blog title without coding or custom design.

Price: $5.00

Free Calendar Wallpaper: May Flowers

may flowers calendar 1280x960 705x528 Free Calendar Wallpaper: May Flowers

The weather here in Salt Lake City has been a little crazy.  We’ll have sun for a few days, then — suddenly — it snows.  In the morning, the snow from the previous night melts slowly off the new flowers as the birds sing and make nests in the trees.  In short, it’s Spring.  And we thought we’d share the joy of Spring with a wallpaper that reflected the season.  This wallpaper features some tulips from our garden on a marbled rock texture.  As always, we have resolutions for standard, widescreen, and i-devices.

may flowers nocal iphone Free Calendar Wallpaper: May Flowers Standard





download May Flowers 8.08MB
downloaded 3 times

Free April Calendar Wallpaper: Look to the Sky

look to the sky calendar 1280x800 705x440 Free April Calendar Wallpaper: Look to the Sky

This is a grungy spring wallpaper to warm your monitor on rainy days.  The bright oranges, yellows and blues provide an interesting counterpoint to the grungy textures and typography.  Our April 2011 wallpaper is ready for your standard or widescreen monitor, iPad and iPhone and includes the following resolutions:

look to the sky nocal iphone Free April Calendar Wallpaper: Look to the SkyStandard

1280x 800



Download Look to the Sky 20.7MB
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trip to moscow

we took a long road trip with g-ma & g-pa to moscow, idaho to see the kids’ great-grandparents there.  it was a two-day drive and the kids were wiped but we were glad we split the drive up rather than try the 11-12 hour trek in one go.  the kids had a good time hanging with the fam and exploring great-grandma & great-grandpa’s house.

when we got there, gavin kicked things off by showing off his car collection
later, he tested out the piano
...then lilah tried the piano
we went into the backyard to play baseball
lilah preferred running after the football
lilah found a new use for an old heirloom
and busily charmed everyone
they both found some neat puzzles and games
...and occasionally were able to share
but they both agreed wholeheartedly when the playdoh came out
lilah is always a sucker for pistachios
gavin tested the exercise bike to make sure it still worked
on our last day, auntie lois arrived and got some playtime with the kids