so it’s been a long time since i even thought about updating this site. but i’ve got a lot of time recently, and some big important events have happened that makes an update important. important because the person who was on this website before is not the same person who’s writing this now. physically, i’m the same, but other than that. the site has undergone a complete reconstruction, so while a lot of the sections may be the same, most of them have been changed. there is and will be a lot more interactive stuff, too. like a place to request prints from the wedding as well as copies of the cd’s that were playing, as well as other stuff, like i’m making cd’s of my radio shows in england that i can copy as per request. by the time you read this, the site should be mostly done and all of these changes will have taken effect. so check out the new stuff in the wedding, music, and bio sections or just play around. this will probably be the last update for a while again, so i’m trying to make it so that another update isn’t expected or necessary.






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