i’m waiting for a job. i’ve been waiting for this particular job for about a week and a half. not really waiting for the job, per se, as much as waiting for the guy. every time i call he’s in a meeting. he seems like he’s going to hire me, but then he says he hasn’t done such-and-such or he hasn’t come to a decision yet. well, i called him 3 days ago, and he said he’d have a decision for me the next day. well i called, and he was busy, then i called later, and he was gone. so i called the day after that (yesterday) and couldn’t get a hold of him. i called today, and his office assistant told me he’d call me right back. i called later and he wasn’t available, and the other office assistant told me the best time to get a hold of him was “well, later is better.” so i’m waiting for a job. and while i’m waiting, i decided to make some random content for the site. so new as of today is a random music review generator with javascript stolen from Ak’s site. i also fixed the scroll on the menu to your left <- . it should work better now on most monitors. have fun.






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