my birthday was last week. i’m now 24. so don’t make me feel any older. the site will be undergoing even more changes as i alter the scope and attitude behind it. basically, i want more focus to be on my music, that which i want to do with my life, and my life as it is now…there was, and has been way too much that reflected my life as it once was that i never bothered to change. one of the new changes was going to be removal of the tarot deck. i thought twice about this. basically, the rationale was, i’m married, i don’t want my former participation and condoning of those activities made public, especially with the wedding pictures up…i don’t want those old horuseye images reflecting on the current happily married images because they’re two completely different worlds. plus, my attitudes on the subject have changed drastically, read my Gender Manifeste to learn more about that. but of course, the biggest new thing is the wedding page is finally up. so go here to check that out…more pictures may be on the way when i get around to scanning them, of course, but for now, here’s these, courtesy of reni driskill. also made some minor changes to the music page and the aboutme page.






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