the first entry of the new year. i’m in the running for a job, yet again. ho hum. i hate looking for a job. tess says that he thinks 40% of the time spent immediately following graduation is used looking for a job. that sucks, because i’m not looking for a career, just something to pay the bills. i decided i wanted to update this a bit more, since i have all this time on my hands and all…so to your left you should see a new links page and a new geek page. the links page is fairly obvious, and will be comprised solely of sites i actually visit regularly, in addition to having the semi-obligatory “friends” links. the geek page will be all about the various things i do that are in any way geeky, like gaming and other such nonsence. basically, if i see anything geeky on my computer that can be turned into html, it’ll probably wind up on that page. also, i’m working on updating the tarot deck so it’s not so naked. don’t know when it will be done, but when it is, it’ll include all the text in all it’s former glory despite my various changes of heart.






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