well, the long, strange trip is over, but the destination is nowhere i thought i’d be. in theory, above you should see my brand new work id card, and above my name the letters MSN. that stands for what you think it stands for, yes, microsoft is my employer (actually, microsoft is the client of the company i work for, but it still means that i do tech support for msn). so you’ll hear no more microsoft bashing from me, at least in public forums, as it’s possible i could lose my job. heh. irony. other than that, though, it seems to be okay. i actually like the new version of msn, i just wish it ran on more computers. sure, okay, it runs, but it makes your computer 20x as slow, and that’s not bashing, that’s fact. it’s a big program, and, though i like it, i can rarely use it. more irony: i tried installing msn8 on both my computers, and both of them had problems surrounding the software, and both sets of problems were different. i can’t even use it at work because the computers there are too slow to be able to handle it and the call handler and ticketing software i have to be running at all times, in addition to a few other web pages open.






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