g33king ahead

so i’ve had the jazzsequence rss feed in my live bookmarks folder in firefox on my work laptop for a long time, and for most of that time, it hasn’t worked (you can sort of read about it here). it’s sort of stayed there as a reminder that something needed to be fixed. well, i was checking on my feeds yesterday and omgwtfbbq!!!!!1!! there’s links for jazzsequence!!! holy crap! it works! i guess updating sblog last week mustl’ve fixed whatever was broken.

there’ve also been lots of updates within the ampache page, which you wouldn’t know about or see or notice if you weren’t going there, but take my word for it, it’s getting updated. and if you wanna see, let me know and i’ll make you an acct.

there’s also a new faq, powered by phpmyfaq, on the site as well. this was mostly to help with the ampache page, but i may make it a more generalized thing (when i figure out what, besides ampache, would generate frequently asked questions in a more generalized site way).

so yeah, that’s what’s going on these days. check stuff out.






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