crocodile hunter dies is “freak accident”!!

erin, my source of news from the outside world, tells me the crocodile hunter died.

………..why does this come as no suprise? my only question is how he managed to stay alive this long. seriously, when you poke a lion 28 times in the ass shouting in your obnoxious australian accent “‘ey, kids, dunna try this a’ home, eh! these lions are feeerocious!” eventually the lion is going to turn around and bite your friggin’ hand off.

apparently they were filming a stingray and the stingray got spooked. hmm, i say to myself, was it the huge, underwater cameras and lights or the OBNOXIOUS AUSTRALIAN that spooked it?

yes, yes, it’s a horrible tragedy, he was a die hard environmentalist and i’m sure the tribute album and dvds are forthcoming. however, c’mon. this can’t suprise anyone….







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