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*argh* (advisory: explicit geeking)–
admitedly by the time i write this, i’ve lost most of my thunder on this particular subject….HOWEVER….i had a server down at work for 9 hours. the server was a win2k3 server that wasn’t pulling an ip address from dhcp, which is hosted on the unix server. the dmesg log on the unix box said “yaddayaddaip/28: <mac address of my server> no free leases.” basically, the 2k3 server said “hello, i’m here, here’s my mac, now give me an ip.” the ip’s are hard coded on the unix box based on the mac address, so if the mac address of the requesting box matches the mac address stored in dhcp on the unix box, the unix box is supposed to give the requesting pc an ip address. in this case, when 2k3 asked for an ip, the unix box said “i see your mac…but i don’t wanna.” this went on for most of the 9 hrs with no one figuring out wtf was going on.

i tracked down the ip that the message seemed to be coming from and determined that to be the switch, but didn’t really have anything to do with that information. much passing back and forth of the problem was had between the windows teams, the hardware vendor and the unix teams. ultimately, i got on #ampache and said “so i have this 2k3 server that’s not pulling an ip from the unix server, and it gets this error,” and in less than 5 minutes i had an explanation to my problem and was able to take that information and add to it my own experiments with giving other pc’s that ip address and determine that dhcp was not set up on that switch to accommodate all the devices that were physically plugged into it requesting ips.

what. the. fuck. why is it that i have to go outside the company to get an answer to a *nix problem that i couldn’t get from my own support structure? why is it that i was able to essentially figure out the problem on my own (keeping in mind that i am on the windows servers team, not the unix servers team, and that this was an issue partially caused by the store environment and largely caused by the configuration of the dhcpd.conf file on the unix server), using my own methods when tier 3 unix was not? why am i not tier 3 again?

year zero finally arrived today! woo!

gavin doing the wakey uppy in the middle of the nighty thing again. which is additionally bad because i’m on call, but sometimes has the benefit of me already being awake when i get called at 4:30am…

in other news, erin posted a bunch more recipes on the recipe site today, and edited the ones that were already up there to include our own tweaks.




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