minor page update and insurance frustration

part, the first…

i updated the theme i was using to the latest version.  the background handling is a little more stable, and it doesn’t default to a white background because i deleted the ones it came with anymore.   in the process the stuff on the side bar got reorganized a bit.

part, the second

so, open enrollment for insurance was last month.  the medical insurance i had would not support the birth center we will be going to for babyX’s delivery.  however, blue cross/blue shield would cover it (at least partially) and was an option for us.  so, on the first day of open enrollment i elected to switch to bcbs.  when i got to the page (it has to be done on the web, there is no other option), it said that my current plan did not exist and the following plan would be selected if i did not make any changes:
* waived
it’s a good thing i’m going to change insurance, i thought.  it would be a month before the change happened.  so i went back later to make sure it still had my election and everything looked good.  yesterday we got our new benefit cards….for the old (non bcbs) insurance.  so now i get to fight with the benefits dept. to have them fix their f’up, and i’m not expecting much….

in other news, i’ve renewed my job searching…






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