my clone is bugging me

so a couple months ago, i think, i acquired a clone.  this clone is named has the same first and last namd and middle initial, and lives in virginia, i think.  his wife is approximately as pregnant as erin and i can’t remember her name (it’s not erin), and she sent out some update on her pregnancy at about 3 months.

this was the only thing i got for a while.  then i got a receipt for an online purchase of some golf clubs and lately i’ve been getting a lot of spam from eddie bauer.  today i got an email about a Life Group meeting tonight which will be going over chapters 1-7 and discussing our “lake trip.”


the issue is that my email address has .’s in it and his (or what he thinks is his) is the same thing without the .’s.  with gmail, with or without the . is the same address, so an email address that was [email protected] would be the same mailbox as [email protected].  this is where the problem lies.

i went to gmail support and submitted an email saying something to the effect of “look, i’m getting email for this other guy who i can’t contact because the mail is actually going to the right place.  is there any way for you to contact him and tell him he’s using the wrong address?” i never heard back.

i also emailed the golf club vendor and said “i’m not the person this is intended for, that person is using my address, can you contact the customer some other way NOW THAT I HAVE HIS NAME AND ADDRESS.”   you’d think that a business could get into a lot of trouble for sending that stuff out to the wrong person.  hell if i didn’t already have his identity, i could steal it.  as it is, i’ve already stolen it unintentionally.  (and it really wouldn’t take too much work to pull up things like his credit cards, social security number, etc…..)

now that i have a personal email address (and presumably a meeting tonight that he will be going to with this person — as well as several other email addresses of people in his “Life Group”), possibly i can contact a human being and somehow get the message to my clone.  i’m tired of getting his email.  his life is boring.






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