random acts of goodness

random 001::yesterday i received 7 emails from my backup server for a daily status update which i set up a long time ago.  when i went to see how the mail server was set up to find out why i got these all of a sudden, i found out the mail server was my (previously not working) mail server which i haven’t messed with for weeks.  i sent a test message from the ampache page and that worked too.  so, for no apparent reason, and through no help from myself, the mail server is working again as abrupt and randomly as when it stopped working…w00t.

random 002::okay, this isn’t so random…we got our BC/BS benefit cards yesterday!  w00t!  that means that a) it really happened, b) the company really acknowledged their own screw-up , and c) they really did something to fix it.  i really wasn’t ever expecting b) or c) so i’m pretty stoked.  now i need to find out about the surgery (where to go, who to go to, etc)…. 8S







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