woo insurance resolution

so i bugged my HR guy about the insurance thing, even though i know he doesn’t do benefits stuff.  he got with a couple contacts who do handle that stuff and made a few phone calls and, ultimately, they’re actually fixing the insurance biz.  i confess, i really never expected that to happen.  it’s past open enrollment and everything i’ve ever heard about fighting the system re: benefits stuff has ended up in head- and heartache.  plus it’s my word against theirs that i actually clicked the submit button — which they still say i didn’t do.  but whatever.  retroactive effective 6-1 i (and my family) am (is) covered by blue cross/blue shield — which means that the birth center is covered which means we won’t have a  $4000 bill to worry about in 3 months.  i’ll truly believe it when i see the new benefits cards, but the good news in they should be in the mail!






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