after several failed attempts and much twiddling with drives and MBRs, i am now happily running a fully functioning (albeit silent, at the moment) copy of Mac OSX on my PC.  i had to wipe my ubuntu install but i made a full backup before doing so, so i should be able to restore it without too much of a problem (assuming i don’t kill osx when i repartition).  the osx disk utility doesn’t like creating partitions it doesn’t format first, at least from what i can tell.

silent because my soundblaster live card is unsupported and my onboard audio was unrecognized.  this will be a hurdle to overcome because half of the reason i wanted to do this at all was because i wanted to play in garageband (purportedly the best music mixing app out there).  but i think i might be able to pull a driver from a different osx install cd that i have.

all in all, i’m pretty happy with my hackint0sh, i just need  to the sound working.






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