the problem with working 2 jobs is you’re really working 2 m’f’n jobs

i’m hung over from working from the time i got home from work until 1am on a redesign overhaul for this church site.  my eyes are blurry, i still have traces of a headache from staring too closely at the computer monitor, and every time i look at the new design i can’t tell if it’s actually good or if it’s actually really shitty — which i realize is from staring at it too long.  in all, it happened, and i’m fairly sure it’s what the client was looking for, but honestly, i don’t know anymore.  i can’t think about it.  props to erin for helping me find stock images, dealing with my total meltdowns and frustration at illustrator, being another set of eyes, and helping with the layout concepts.  i’m sure that, were i not with erin, or were erin not artistically inclined, i’d bumble through this web design thing somehow, but i think my designs and the variety of types of designs i’m able to produce increases exponentially having her around to help with the actual design and layout and also extracting hard, definitive ideas from vague suggestions and feelings from customers.

even with the frustration, though — and granted 90% of it being so hard that i was up ’til 1 is because i’m working a full time day job — it’s still something i’d rather do and a million times more rewarding than my current job.  and i really do think i’ll have less total meltdowns when i’m not working a full-time day job.






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