so here it is. the first edition of PictureAndABlog — it’s kind of like dinner and a movie except with less sexual tension…

POTD 2007-10-29

there. isn’t that exciting?

gavin’s really sick.  he started getting sick when my ‘rents were here last week but we thought he was just being overly fussy.  he sounded really crappy tonight.  so that means erin’s getting sick and lilah’s sick.  the only one not sick here is me and the cats.  oh, and our semi-new parakeet, melandru, up and died last night.  which was bizarre  because she was doing perfectly fine earlier yesterday afternoon.  all of which makes perfect timing for me to go back to work and go on call on tuesday.  so now we’re (or at least i am) semi-paranoid and doing the whole “do we take them to the pediatrician?  do we just deal with it ourselves?” thing.  erin read a couple weeks ago that for most kids ailments, they get treated correctly like 46% of the time, and 56% of the time for emergencies.  for adults it was like 52%.  that means that 50% of the time you’re better off just treating it yourself because there’s a 50% chance the doc would get it wrong anyway.  this just confirms my distrust in doctors and thought that, unless you’re dying, there’s no reason to go to the doctor.  and even then; people can die without doctors — assuming, you know, it was time and all…






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