holy google apps, batman!

so i was checking my gmail yesterday, i think looking to see if i could route my heritage mail to gmail, or something like that, maybe i was just killing time, when i noticed a thing that said something to the effect of add you domain email here. so, i decided to check that out and lo! google apps. basically, google has a free service (as well as paid premium services) where you can essentially get all of google’s applications (docs, calendar, chat, personalized start page, and gmail) on your domain. you can even host your (or a) website on google’s servers, all you need is a domain.

that’s pretty sweet.

so, remember a while back i was trying to get mail working on my server and kept having problems setting up the incoming mail, but the outgoing worked okay? well, i don’t need to worry about that anymore because now i have my jazzsequence.com email going through gmail! rock! so, new email address: chris <at> jazzsequence <dot> com. i’ll still have and check the gmail acct, but the jazzsequence.com one will be my primary addy. they all get dumped in the same mailbox anyway when i’m in gmail, so there’s not a big diff to me what addy you send it to.

also, i have a docs.jazzsequence.com and a calendar.jazzsequence.com, as well as a portal.jazzsequence.com through google which might be worth checking out. i dunno if i’ll ever really use the docs, but the calendar might come in handy.

i woke up this morning, got dressed in normal work clothes, then realized it was halloween and i probably didn’t need to. here’s my halloween-themed POTD:

POTD 2007-10-31


  1. very scary darling! especially first thing in the morning with no coffee and not remembering that today’s halloween.

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