i’ve added a couple hacks to the site to dissuade viewers from using internet explorer, including a javascript-powered microsoft-free weekend.  back in the early 00’s, microsoft-free friday was a thing.  this was around when firefox was just starting to gain momentum.  there were a couple of ways of implementing msff — one was an apache mod, and one was this javascript.  i found the apache mod once upon a time after much searching when i had this site running on windows apache, but, of course, the mod was written for *nix versions.  by now, i figure apache has moved beyond the point where the mod would even work (especially judging by the fact that the last update broke my custom error pages, or at least made it so that they’re not being used anymore), and since i couldn’t find them anyway, i’m using the javascript version.

i also put in a custom cursor (using css skillz i recently had to learn for a stupid site about squirrels) which only ie understands, so ie users will see a nice little ie logo with a big red x over it.  i suppose if firefox ever releases a version that reads the cursor: tag, i’ll pull it out, because i only want to annoy ie users (maybe i could make ALL of my text use the style: blink; tag…mmmmm…..), but so far, firefox has better taste than to bother with custom cursors.

so come on, i dare you to view my site with ie on friday, saturday, or sunday.  no, really.  i need to test the script…


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