the sick horror

my new horrible drivers’ license came yesterday.  and since i am sick (no, i did not dodge that bullet :( ), it seems like perfect timing to attempt a re-enactment.

POTD 2007-10-30

unfortunately, i was right when i looked at it and said “i wouldn’t be able to reproduce that face if i tried.”

so, yeah, i’m sick.  felt pretty dayquil-worthy yesterday but avoided the orange pills because i didn’t want that euphoric, high, sensation you get, so i took other orange pills (motrin) and surprisingly felt better. today i don’t feel so awful but i have the horrible sore throat erin’s been complaining about the last 2 days.  and gavin sounded bad again tonight, he’s obviously got crap in his throat and doesn’t/can’t cough to get it up, so it just sits there, so he was getting up every couple hours and we’d put him back down, and then he’d try to go back to sleep (and mostly succeed).  at least until the next time.  combine that with lilah’s normal getting up every couple hours to eat and you have a fun time.  and, of course, by fun, i mean similar to washing your face with a cheese grater.




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