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there comes a time in every blog where the blogger just randomly, for no particular reason and with no malicious intent, disappears. try as you might to bitch, moan, and nag the blogger in question, it is, alas, to no avail. it’s happened before on this blog and it undoubtedly will happen again.

this particular lull in my ranting has been largely due to the new job(s) and the fact that my computer is now a tool for work, and my hours are either a) whenever i feel like it, or (as is often the case) b) whenever i’m at my computer. this means that the “fun” quotient of my computer has gone down dramatically in the last couple months despite the fact that i just upgraded the video cards in both mine and erin’s computer so they don’t suck (well, suck for gaming anyway. new — okay, pre-owned — nvidia 6600 cards for teh win, now i can game like it’s 2005). so i’m finding less opportunity and inspiration to blog, even though one of my (alas, probably foolish) ideas before going into this was that with all this being at home time, maybe i can finally get to do some music stuff.

no, most of my day is spent juggling html, css, diapers, laundry, meals, and two children. blocks of “fun” need to be prescheduled and preapproved, and are oft disrupted by any of the aforementioned juggle, erm, whatever you call things that you juggle. so, yeah, blogging, much as it’s been on my mind, isn’t something i’ve really had an opportunity to do until now, having been kept up for 2 hours by the stupid kitten who decided — after i had finally given up on going back to sleep — that since i was at the computer, now must be the time to chill and take a nap.

aside from all this, things have been going well at jazzsequence central. the web design gig is pretty fun. despite the fact that the greater majority of sites i/we (because erin has been doing her fair share of designing sites now) get are boring business-y sites, it’s still fun and something i can take pride in, knowing that, in the end, the customer is both happy with what i produced, and the site looks good. that, previous sentence, needs someone, to edit it, largely, and completely, for horrible punctuation; i apologize. and the new irl gig for whole foods is good too. however, my plan on using it as a gateway to insurance may be futile because, at this rate, by the time i qualify for insurance (after working 400 hours) we may be fast enough and good enough with the design that we can just get it on our own and don’t need that as a second income anymore. at the same time, the employee discount is enough that, even if we didn’t need the job for the money, it might still be worth the trek up the canyon a couple times a week. transferring is an option, but i haven’t seen any positions at the other stores open up yet, or at least, not that have been posted in the break room.

also, i’ve started wrangling up some interest (maybe) in my solo freelance work as ThinkTank Studio. at least, i had a client ask me if i did my own thing on the side and was a contractor — to which i said yes — and then ask for info for that and said that he’d recommend me, and later he gave the glowing review to the company that appears on the thinktank contact page. he then asked me on the side if i’d design a business card for him. also, i’ve put my name and portfolio in a pool for redesigning this site which is erin’s dad’s work. (and it helps that, at this point, i’ve done enough church sites and one education site that i don’t feel like i’d be going into it blind or unprepared.) also, i’ve just finished tweaking out my paypal account and checking out the invoice templates and i feel pretty good about that stuff.

so that’s the update for those of you whom an update was dire. nothing new with my eyeballs. payroll with ABS got jacked — they sent me a check for the week after i quit — so it pushed back all the normal termination stuff like my COBRA info (which i was waiting for to look at before i pursued getting contacts fitted for my KC) and my vacation payout. i’m trying to build an xbox media center but the stupid modchip i stupidly ordered from stupid morons never showed and they don’t reply to my nasty emails. and that’s pretty much it. if you want to check out what’s been occupying all my time, you can see the sites i made on my page here.

oh, and i found a new flash video player thingie, so i will come back to those movies i posted that may or may not be working for some of you. and it’s been tested with super-high-res movies for this guy, so i know it works. and i think part of my problem may have been my own computer’s lag when i did the FLV stuff before…




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