HOLY -string of explitives-!!! safari on the PC!

okay, so, yes, i’m one of the, like, 12 people who cares, BUT:i’m cleaning up a site for a friend of mine that i work with who runs a nonprofit.  and he shows me the site on his macbook and there’s some huge glaring layout problems including a gigantic DONATE button smack in the middle of the donations page (on top of the text).  when i go home and look at it in firefox (and then ie to try to find the same problems) i got nothing, so i figure it’s one of the few occasions that safari freaks out in a way totally unique that doesn’t freak out other browsers.  and since my client is working on a mac, my job is to make it look good on a mac.so i hit google.  and i look for “web developer safari pc” hoping to find some emulator or hack or some trick to reproduce the crazy css problems that only safari was having.  and lo!  there’s a safari public beta!  at first i couldn’t believe that it was actually a version of safari that could run on a pc until i found this headline: Safari Public Beta 3, now available for Windows! so this post is brought to you by safari. sure, i can’t not use firefox because of my dependence on the 80 million extensions i have installed, but i can’t deny that safari seems to run a lot faster and better than ff has been lately.  and it still sucks less than internet explorer.  …ps.  i was going to post about my xbox media center fiasco and frustrations but i never got around to it and this was more surprising and exciting news. 



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  1. Mom Avatar

    Thanks for bringing back the 'current mood" feature!
    I really like it.. Love you

  2. Mom Avatar

    Thanks for bringing back the ‘current mood” feature!
    I really like it.. Love you

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