one more to file under “it’s always something”…

in my last post, i expressed my woe at the sudden upheaval of my computer.  today i woke up excited because my hardware was coming.  now i have a history of always forgetting something.  i get a new motherboard but the processor doesn’t match.  i get a motherboard and processor but don’t have the right ram.  i get a SATA hard drive but my power supply doesn’t have a SATA connector.  or enough SATA connectors.  or i don’t have a SATA hard drive cable.

so this time i swear i’ve got it covered.  the board specs say it can take up to 4gb of ram, so i max out and get 4 sticks of 1 gb.  i know my older power supply doesn’t have a SATA connector so i think ahead and got an adapter.  i’m getting a mainboard, ram, and a hard drive because i don’t want to swap the motherboard and ram and find out the drive died, too.  or vice versa (but i’m pretty sure something on the board is shot at least.  could just be a dust short, but still…)

well, time to throw in my hat because it turns out my power supply is a 20-pin and the new board requires a 24-pin.  oh, and since i went the cheap route and got a micro-atx board, there’s only actually 2 slots for ram.  so i have 2 extra sticks (which i’m sure will come in handy at some point, but not so much right now).  i could always swap the 4 for 2 2gb, but then i’d have to wait and there’s a restocking fee and i’m sure i can use these eventually.


so another couple days before i get the new system running and i can actually figure out what was going on with the old system.  color me lame.





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