hulu desktop app — needs work

i’m sure i saw it on twitter, but i don’t really remember.  at any rate, hulu has released a new desktop application for windows and mac osx.  i’m a huge fan of hulu.  this is my equivalent of television, and i am looking forward to more shows being cast on hulu.  hulu and tivo, in my opinion, are the future of television.  we will no longer be bound by scheduled times, and the alternative will no longer be setting the vcr to record a specific program at a specific time.

so the new desktop app is exciting, and more exciting still that it has a media player interface that rocks.  not so hot, though, is the streaming quality — it’s still smoother to go through the website, the video playback is choppy.  that said, it’s still in beta, so presumably it will get better.  i’m excited to see where it goes because it’s definitely a great start.  props to nbc for commissioning hulu, and letting them do their thing.  it is quickly becoming the best shiz ever, and, if all television is ultimately available through a web service, pirates like me without real tv won’t need to resort to bit torrents for shows, and hulu could easily make additional margin by lumping dvd sales of the shows you are watching onto the pages for those shows (and, you know, i’d buy).






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