get a free ipod from Upstart Blogger

so you know those things that say “CLICK HERE TO GET A FREE IPOD” and you click it, and it sends you to a page where you need to sign up (or opt out) of a million different things, and at the bottom it says “this way to your free iPod” so you click that, and you see another page just like the last, and you go through millions of these until you finally reach the end and it says that to qualify for your free iPod you must sign up for 7 of these things and 2 of these things and 12 of these things and you wonder why you wasted the last hour trying to get an imaginary iPod?  well, back in the day when they were first-gen shuffles, i knew someone who did that with a fake hotmail account and actually got her iPod.

this offer is nothing like that.

Upstart Blogger is giving away iPods.  all you need to do is link to this post and leave a comment.  okay, so it’s not absolutely certain that if you do that, you will actually get a free iPod.  but then, was it ever absolutely certain that you would ever get to the iPod at the end of the marketing offer rainbow with those other iPod give-aways?

i didn’t think so.





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