wifi encryption lifehack

random thought: if i had a wifi router but disabled dhcp, theoretically you could almost disable any kind of encryption or wireless security with the theory that most people wouldn’t be smart enough to know how to hard-code their ip address to connect to your unsecure network to connect to the internet.


being able to post asides, and do so directly from the dashboard is going to seriously influence how i keep my blog updated and how often i post…

wp-o-matic trick

discovered a trick about wp-o-matic as i was building the new site. for wp-o-matic to work and not lag, you need to set up a cron job. but said cron job doesn’t *necessarily* need to happen on the host server. so, if you have a server that allows cron jobs (which i do, at home)… Continue reading wp-o-matic trick

Free Blogger Template: Dear Audrey

This charming Blogger template is a little bit vintage, a little bit writer and a whole lot of personality! It uses neutral colors and inviting paper textures with an added vintage style ornament as accents to create a warm and sophisticated setting for your words of wisdom, adorable pictures or online diary. If you’re interested… Continue reading Free Blogger Template: Dear Audrey

new look for jazzsequence.com: presenting jazzsequence::metal::

i’m still putting the final touches on the site, but the new redesigned look is here.  the theory is based on some stuff that has been floating around the net about how websites will become more like lifestreams.  since i’ve never been really happy with any single lifestream client (and i’ve tried a bunch), i… Continue reading new look for jazzsequence.com: presenting jazzsequence::metal::

almost there

new theme is set up but i still need to do lifestreaming integration and customize sidebars.  almost…there…

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fix the music biz by taking cues from the porn industry

some ideas occurred to me after my recent post about the music industry, and then erin said something that i thought was not only genius, but perfectly summed up the kind of thinking that needs to happen to save the music business: if you want to figure out what people will pay for online, look… Continue reading fix the music biz by taking cues from the porn industry

Is Comic Sans really a bad font?

Comic frickin’ Sans …do you even  have to ask? i get the SitePoint newsletter, Design View.  I used to pretty much auto-delete these or filter them to my spambox but when i started using Outlook again, and was creating rules to keep my inbox clean, i decided to just filter it to the folder where all… Continue reading Is Comic Sans really a bad font?