do this action for all current items. no, really.

okay, so i’m on windows 7. i’m transferring files (about 300mb of them) from my linux server to my local hard drive. there’s some lag on the network due to the server running a backup to a NAS backup server while i’m doing this. eventually, some file transfer times out and i’m given a dialog box that looks like this:


i’m given 3 options: try again, skip or cancel.  and there’s a checkbox that says “do this for all current items.”  i hit “try again” and it works, and moves onto the next file.  so my question is, um…why isn’t try again the default action?  shouldn’t you try again anyway and then ask me wtf to do?

(note: okay, so maybe it does try again, and fail again, and so it’s asking me after having done this, and i realize that if it just continuously tried again that it could end up in a neverending loop that sucked up progressively more memory.  still, it seems rather redundant that i’m telling the computer how to do its job.)





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