Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 2009

We’re happy to provide content that people find interesting or useful. And lately, interesting or useful includes texture packs, blogger templates, and desktop wallpapers. We used a complex system of fake math incorporating pageviews and downloads to come up with this top 10 list of our most popular content:

arcanepalette beach 027 150x150 Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 2009 10. Free Texture Pack: Beach

With so many great textures out there, and great texture resources, there is often huge gaping holes in themes and subject matter that seem so obvious when you’re walking around and looking at your environment. This Beach texture pack was an attempt to close up one of those holes and we’re glad other people have found it useful.

xls Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 20099. Web Design Cost Calculator

The web designer cost calculator started out as a tool adapting the calculations discussed in a post in Smashing Magazine into a spreadsheet from which we could derive quotes to give to our own clients. After finishing the spreadsheet, we decided to make it available to everyone and we’re glad that so many people have found it useful as well.


8. Free Blogger Template Pack: Steampunk

Adapted from a WordPress theme used on for a long time, this template pack includes variations of the same basic template and layout with different geek and steampunk background images.

screenshot 150x150 Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 20097. Free Blogger Template: dear Audrey

A feminine Blogger template that’s not too girly, this design has a vintage letter-writing theme that we like quite a lot.

urbanshamanism calendar 1280x960 150x150 Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 20096. Free Desktop Wallpaper: urbanshamanism

A dark and mysterious wallpaper, this design played with mysticism and the spirit realm and tried to adapt those to a warm, grungy, urban environment.

timeflower | free vintage desktop wallpaper

5. Free Desktop Wallpaper: Timeflower

One of our favorite wallpapers, this started out as a present for Chris from Erin which we adapted and made available to everyone.

screenshot1 150x150 Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 2009screenshot 150x150 Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 20094. Free Blogger Template: Polkadot Prince

3. Free Blogger Template: Polkadot Princess

Coming in 3rd and 4th respectively for downloads and pageviews are our brother and sister themes Polkadot Princess and Polkadot Prince. Essentially the gender-themed equivalent of its’ sibling, these two look great together and stand alone beautifully also. Our little 4 year old boy loves the Prince theme with the robots and airplanes, so we consider that a ringing endorsement!

last bit of summer2. Free Blogger Template: Last Bit of Summer

The warm colors of this Blogger template are thematic of the end of the summer and beginning of fall. We like this one so much, we were test-driving this template on one of our side project blogs for a while.

hatbox screen 150x150 Arcane Palette Roundup: Top 10 Posts from 20091. Free Blogger Template: Grandma’s Hat Box

Our first Blogger template and still the most downloaded by a wide margin. We took our penchant for creating unique web sites with real textures and applied that to the Blogger platform. We’re always excited to stumble on a site that uses Grandma’s Hat Box.






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