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noir 1024x768 300x225 Free Desktop Wallpaper: NoirShe eased back in her chair and took a pull on her cigarette. For having just told her that he suspected his wife was murdered, this John didn’t look too concerned. “Alright,” she cooed, “I’ll take the case. My fees are pricey, but you can afford it. I’ll need you to start by telling me where you were on the night of your wife’s death…”

We’ve been working on some projects recently with a film noir feel, so have been doing quite a bit of visual research on the style. This wallpaper is inspired by classic and neo-noir films like Chinatown with a bit of a twist; rather than the typical, square jawed, male PI starring, I wanted to play with the idea of the classic film noir archetypes with a female lead instead.  We have a film noir wallpaper already, but this one is more about the look and aesthetics of the films rather than the 1940s and ’50s posters.

As always, we have widescreen and standard versions available and we’ve included an iphone version as well.  This wallpaper is calendar-only, and the zip file contains versions in the following sizes:




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