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adventuretykes phpbb 300x222 Adventure TykesAdventure Tykes was one of the biggest projects we’ve worked on in a while and crossed over into many different applications.  We started out with a Magento online store.  We supplemented that with a community powered by phpBB with a Coppermine photo gallery bridge, and a Resources section with articles and a blog powered by WordPress.  The goal was to provide a seamless look and make the experience as easy for the user as possible.

The site and community was built to provide a resource and store for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to become shut-ins just because they had a kid.  It was a lot of fun to work on and they were a great pair to work with.  It was particularly interesting for us to work on this project because, being parents who like to camp and hike, we were also part of the target audience for the site.

adventuretykes coppermine 300x154 Adventure TykesErin composed a welcoming design that used the earthy color palette from their logo suitable for a website for kids’ stuff and outdoor-types.  I became a code monkey for a couple of months, immersing myself in the various platforms and making sure the transition from one to the next was as natural as possible.  We are confident that when it launches officially, Adventure Tykes will not only be a great place to find outdoor equipment for you and your little ones, but also an engaging and active community and resource for ideas to go on adventures with them, too.

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