Free Desktop Wallpaper: Dark Clouds

clouds dual preview Free Desktop Wallpaper: Dark CloudsWe’re starting the new year off with a brand new calendar wallpaper.  This time we went all out and made one for those of you sporting dual monitor setups.  This design started with an idea I started playing with a couple months ago for a blog background.  It didn’t work for that, but I came back to the idea when I wanted to change my logon screen background.  After that, I wanted to experiment with turning it into a wallpaper that spanned my dual monitors.  The only real driving design idea was to keep it dark so it doesn’t light the entire room at night with the lights out, which is often my goal when designing wallpapers.

If you’re using the dual monitor version, the left contains the January calendar.  There isn’t a dual monitor option without a calendar, sorry.  All other sizes have a calendar and no calendar option, including the iPhone version.  Dark Clouds comes in the following sizes:




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