Free Calendar Wallpaper: Captain’s Log…

captainslog calendar 1280x960 300x225 Free Calendar Wallpaper: Captains Log...Okay, so this month’s wallpaper has a bit more of a story.  Or, at least, it’s meant to imply that it has more of a story.

I wanted to do something spacey/sci-fi because it’s something we haven’t really done.  I started thinking about what a captain’s journal might look like if it wasn’t explicitly limited to just handwritten text.  What if it was sort of like a cross between a journal and an iPad (or, as Steven Fry noted, the closest thing, thus far, to a real, live Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).  What I had in mind was something that was both futuristic and retro, and with that in mind, I designed Captain’s Log…

captainslog nocal ipad1 225x300 Free Calendar Wallpaper: Captains Log...This is the first time, also, that we’ve included a wallpaper for an iPad/tablet (of course, it was never really an issue before since they previously didn’t exist).  Time will tell if this becomes a regular inclusion but, given the booklike nature of the design, we included two different iPad wallpapers and two different iPhone wallpapers (as well as calendar and non-calendar versions of each).  Captain’s Log is available in the following resolutions:



captainslog nocal ipad2 225x300 Free Calendar Wallpaper: Captains Log...Mobile
320×480 (iPhone)
768×1024 (iPad)

download Captain’s Log 6.5 MB
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