oil spill…but not in the gulf of mexico

Look familiar?

While this looks like it might be a bird that got it easy in the gulf oil spill, or maybe just got lucky (at least compared to these poor animals), this duck, in fact, lives no where near Louisiana.  Instead, it was living right where I live.

You know things are bad when you can look at this photo and think, wow, that bird is lucky.  I know we can’t all stop driving cars tomorrow.  I know we can’t just shut down the oil rigs, cap all the wells and go home to work on our electric cars, but seriously, it needs to happen. I’m sick of this.  I’m sick of the arguing about drilling versus getting all our oil from overseas while day after day we’re pumping tons of chemicals into the air and destroying our own ecosystem.  I can’t help but feel like we deserve this for being so dependent on a substance that was never really all that necessary to begin with (can you imagine where we would have gone if we started mass producing steam-powered cars rather than gas-powered ones?).






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