Free Desktop Wallpaper: Gilmel – The Lost Empire

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The ancient city of Gilmel, bordered on three sides by the great river Nazarel, was lost in the battle of Harper’s Point.  Gilmel — once the thriving cradle of civilization — was fortified on all sides by walls 30 feet high and twice as thick.  Even that, however, could not stop the Samsen army from laying waste to the city.  The siege lasted 3 weeks, and when the walls came tumbling down,  the great stone gargoyles smashed and shattered in the streets, most of the civilians fled up-river to the nearby city of Oreh…

The concept behind this month’s wallpaper was a mythical city, ancient, rich with culture and art, remembered in its architecture and ruins.  Anyone who’s been to Europe can appreciate the reverence you feel when looking at the remains of a former city, imagining what the city might have looked like hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, what the people and the culture was like.  That feeling of reverence is what we were going for when we designed this wallpaper.

This month, we have calendar and non-calendar versions as well as a Twitter background in the following resolutions:

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