Free March Calendar Wallpaper: Vintage Dreams

This month’s calendar wallpaper is inspired by light and shadows and ideas out of focus.  It combines a film noir aesthetic with vintage paper textures and colors, creating a warm glow for your monitor reminiscent of a spring sunset.  This Mar…

Free February Calendar Wallpaper: call me when you’re ready to…

This month’s calendar wallpaper is my favorite in a while.  It combines grungy textures, a photo negative look, and a mysterious figure in the foreground that creates a narrative within the image.  It comes in calendar and non-calendar versions in all your favorite sizes for full screen & wide screen monitors, iPhone, iPad and Twitter. Full Screen 1600×1200 1280×960 1024×768 Wide Screen 1920×1200 1440×800 1280×800 iPad 768×1024 iPhone 320×480 Twitter 1920×1200 Download call me when you’re ready to… 11.8 MB downloaded 0 times


This pretty Blogger template uses floral patterns and some hand-drawn flower accents to create an elegant backdrop for your photos or words. Perfect for any season and any age, it has a classic appeal. It practically begged to be named Grace. If you’re interested in having your Grace template customized — with a unique header… (read more)

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Free Desktop Wallpaper: Gilmel – The Lost Empire

The ancient city of Gilmel, bordered on three sides by the great river Nazarel, was lost in the battle of Harper’s Point.  Gilmel — once the thriving cradle of civilization — was fortified on all sides by walls 30 feet high and twice as thick.  Even that, however, could not stop the Samsen army from laying waste to the city.  The siege lasted 3 weeks, and when the walls came tumbling down,  the great stone gargoyles smashed and shattered in the streets, most of the civilians fled up-river to the nearby city of Oreh… The concept behind this month’s wallpaper was a mythical city, ancient, rich with culture and art, remembered in its architecture and ruins.  Anyone who’s been to Europe can appreciate the reverence you feel when looking at […]

The art of Jenevieve Hubbard

We’ve been wanting to talk about art more.  As artists, we’re always interested in new and innovative things that other artists are doing.  Occasionally that applies to websites, but occasionally that applies to, you know, real art — tangible art you can look at and (possibly) touch and smell and experience.  I’m hoping that this… Continue reading The art of Jenevieve Hubbard

what do you do with a kangaroo?

“What do you do with a Kangaroo who jumps in your window, sits on your bed, and says, ‘I never sleep on wrinkled sheets, so change them now and make them smooth, and fluff up the pillows if you please’ What do you do?” there’s an old book by mercer mayer, before he did the… Continue reading what do you do with a kangaroo?